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Thread: Anxiety during night causing trouble

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    Default Anxiety during night causing trouble

    Hello all

    Im 29 year old man working at an IT firm. Ever since I got out of college and started working I suffered from anxiety. It comes and goes now.

    But there is a pattern that I cant get rid of. Every time something is wrong in office... either I did wrong and have to correct, or some task is given at the end of the day, or something you did might pop an error in the morning I just cant sleep at all.

    Now I have become like an administrator of some systems... and whether its my fault or not I am responsible... and have to monitor things regularly in the day time... but my manager also wants monitoring to happen at morning times before I come to office. This work gives very less pay.... no appraisals... no happiness.... but its not this company's fault (and suggesting I change jobs wont solve anxiety issues). They give no perks for working beyond office hours.

    I am a disciplined person who has a life beyond 10-12 hours at work. I like to go to gym in the morning... now Im stuck monitoring from 4:30 to 6. Due to the reason at the back of my head that I have to get up at 4:30 I cant sleep at all. This has always happened with me. Anything that needs to be done in the morning or next day.... it keeps rotating in my head.

    Please help.

    Years back I went to a psychiatrist/psychologist... their medicines just made me fat n numb. Didnt help with sleep. Then I went to a neurologist who suggested some anxiety medicine which was like popping mentos... nothing happened good or bad.

    Please help.

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    Well, my dear, you know all the causes and the reasons for your anxiety. It seems more of a behavioural issue in your case rather than a psychological one, which means that you can try and break the behaviours that are causing anxiety.
    Regular exercise (you will have to make time), meditation, yoga, regulated breathing and calming exercises will help you. These will also help with techniques that will calm you down, allowing sleep and rest. learning to depend on the alarm that you set on your mobile instead of lying awake till 4.30 am arrives, is one small step towards getting your rest.
    Reading a calming book,. drinking a glass of warm milk....all these are little things you can do to correct your sleep and rest patterns.

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    if you dont want medication and dont want to switch jobs, what else do you expect you can get from this forum. with experience you will learn that work is not that important as you make out to be. if you are doing a good enough job, then company will not replace you no matter what goes wrong in the system.
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    This is a common thing for IT professionals who take their job so seriously. You need to change your attitude towards your work as well as life. Take a 3 weeks vacation with no access to work phone, laptop/emails etc. Then start afresh. Middle class mentality (not saying it in a derogatory way) leads to this attitude, nothing else. Not your fault, but you can fix it.
    You never know what you can become ..

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    Boy, you are 29 yrs old and still take this sh*t on you. Tell your boss that either pay me for all the odd hours you get to work or don't bother me. Be a little assertive in your approach. Tell him to hire a new guy who can work morning shifts. If its once in a while activity, you can still think of doing it. But if its a daily burden, then you have to speak up else you are moving towards health issues like hypertension. The problem here is that you think that anything wrong which happens in office is because of you and you blame yourself for it. There are thousands of people who have the similar problem. Problem with our Indian corporate culture is that we are made to work not by encouraging but by discouraging, feeling guilty and by rebuking.

    Start looking out in other companies and if you manage to get one, set the expectations in the beginning itself. See if you can change your technology or domain and widen your scope. Do Yoga for reducing the anxiety. Nothing can beat the yoga.

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    nothing is wrong with your work ..... it's wrong in your brain chemicals ...... plz try to switch to some different psychiatrist ...... if a medicine didn't work at some time doesn't mean it won't work ever ..... All the best !
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    I think you should reset life, can go picnik with friends for a change, and then you will have a deeper sleep.

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