Hi i have been with my current girlfriend for over a year now, Recently she has just left her job and wanting to go self employed, but like all starting on there own it is very daunting, so she asked if i would help, being involved in a family business since i was 16. so i set to work studied and read all potential pitfalls before stat up, mixed in with experience, and we were on the same page all the way a long, obviously every new venture has its obstacles where you have to adapt, so i was advising when these obstacles arose seeking advice from expreienced people and also sort of common sense was the obvious answer to some of these problems, where she agreed and we were a team, i thought things were going to plan and she was on the same page. Then 1 day she rang me and told me she had done the exact opposite of what we had discussed and to be honest took none of the advice we had been researching and debating for 4 weeks, and had decided to listen to snippets from friends and aquaintances and just pushing me out, I'm a realist and understand that i cant be right all of the time, but if your working as a team you sort of stick to the plan! I'm not possesive and when she told me she wanted to start on her own i was thrilled for her, i would of left her to it, but she pleaded with me to help her, so i did. but this has left me feeling that she will agree to things to my face and i was in no way dictating! but then go out and do something complestely different, i feel somewhat left out and dismissed, sort of that it was a waste of time and she does not value my oppinion, and if she has been like this in this situation, is she like that in every situation we discuss, agree to my face but think something completely different and not say anything, it hurt me a bit but more so making me think of other future plans together, am i right to feel this way or am i being a big girls blouse???