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Thread: Periods or Implantation Bleeding?

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    Disturbed Girl

    Exclamation Periods or Implantation Bleeding?

    Dear ALL,

    To summarize it.
    Me and My Fiancee had sex-not proper like we can call it risky behaviour, and he had condom on all the time.
    Now i had my period on 9th (was suppose to have them on 8th). The following happened.
    The periods started Dark brownish on first day and in evening with little bit of blood. Second day it was normal with loads of blood and clots as normal. Third day it was Dark Brownish blood and then Normal blood and by the night it was almost over.
    Fourth day i think nothing was there.
    It freaked me out as i normally have periods of 4 to 5 days. Now my question here is:
    1. Is it possible that i may be pregnant or this is sign of any Implantation bleeding. Its already 18th of this month and i cant feel any nausea feeling, Neither did i have any discharge during this time or anything apart from normal weather changing cold(as the ac in my room is hell high)
    2. If my fiancee had condom all the time and there was no leak (as he said he checked everytime while disposing the condoms) is it still possible to get pregnant?

    Pls. help me on this. I tried my best to be cautious and have protective sex but these events have led to me freaking out.

    Disturbed Girl

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    Look, its natural to be hyper conscious about the bleeding and to wonder if it may be pregnancy or just normal spotting leading up to your period. And unfortunately, there’s no conclusive test or symptom that will tell you.
    The best way to know whether you’re pregnant or not is to wait a few more days and take a pregnancy test. The timing of your last intercourse might also help you figure it out: If it’s been more than two weeks, it’s unlikely that any bleeding is due to implantation. in any case, its been over 20 days so get yourself a pregnancy test kit from the chemist to reassure yourself.

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    looks like you are not pregnant from your description.
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    You don't seem to be pregnant .... chill out there is nothing to worry.
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    Keep us posted. It helps others.
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    Cool Nope... you are saved :P.

    Quote Originally Posted by o00 View Post
    Keep us posted. It helps others.
    Implantation bleeding doesnt last for more than two days and the bleeding is around 90 % of the time light and colour as light brown or pinkish.Also this happens probably before your due date.
    the way you are explaining. this is probably just your normal periods but due to diet/tension/ or other issue that is why the problem have occurred.

    Still to be sure i think you can take test if needed.

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