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Thread: Over weight wife, relationship going downhill!! SOS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neha1 View Post
    Okay ...... got it...... sos is something different in medical term.


    Ek din sher banke jeene se behtar hai do din sher banke jiyo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Hi ma'am
    Hello all,
    I am here with a very serious problem for which I don't have any solution and all the ways tried and used failed! I need some serious advice and guidance. it. lationship has reached a point where I am attracted to other girls and I am scared nothing wrong should happen coz I have lost patience now. Please help!! Sincere request!
    Dear Friend, you are not alone who is facing this problem & trust me there is a solution also. First of all you have to convenience your self that she is your life partner & your relationship is beyond sex. At this stage she needs your help & that is the only way out. She needs to shed weight for her health as well as for having family too.. over weight pregnancies are complicated. Love her without considering her weight and looks. Forget about sex and think about future...

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    Well Hello..

    Did you not know she was fat before marrying ? Or you are saying after getting married to you ..... she gained 40kgs of weight in just 2 years. Or you married her for the money and now you want illicit relationship for your bodily needs.

    Well you did not ask others if you should marry someone you do not like physically.. why suddenly asking people... should i go for illicit relationship ?

    Well legally -: No.
    Religiously-: No.
    morally-: No.

    Accept what life gives you..

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