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Thread: Over weight wife, relationship going downhill!! SOS!!

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    Default Over weight wife, relationship going downhill!! SOS!!

    Hi ma'am
    Hello all,
    I am here with a very serious problem for which I don't have any solution and all the ways tried and used failed! I need some serious advice and guidance. I have been married since 3 years now I my wife is over weight (97 kgs) we share very good relationship when it comes to everything other than SEX it's been over one year since we had sex and the reason being I am not attracted to her at all. Before anyone judges me to be fake shallow or anything I just want to clarify that I am just 32 and my desire for sex is at its peak which is very normal! I have zero attraction towards her and she knows it. I have tried all the solutions in the books to tell her lose weight but she starts and gives up she is way too lazy and gives up way too fast. The relationship has reached a point where I am attracted to other girls and I am scared nothing wrong should happen coz I have lost patience now. Please help!! Sincere request!

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    Hi Farhan,

    Well, its an unfortunate situation! You do love your wife but understandably, you cannot force yourself to be attracted to a grossly overweight person.
    The thing is that she's going to have to understand how wrong things can go for the family. To begin with, I can't even start to tell you just how harmful all that extra weight on the body is- it needs to be shed if she doesn't want to deal with major health issues. After all, there's only so much that the organs can support!
    Secondly, its playing havoc with the relationship!
    Right now, she is in dire need of a dietitian and maybe even a counsellor. That weight needs to go! She'll look and feel much, much better and once she starts to shed the kilos, that's motivation enough to go on. The thing is to shed the first 5 KGs.

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    But I am judging u.. I think u r very pathetic! Instead of helping your wife you are trying to get out of the problem and find solace in another women...
    please remember everything is not about sex.. its her health too that is in risk!
    get a good gym trainer and dietician for her instead of whining on on about how u r not attracted to her anymore!
    and yes show her this inquiry post of yours I'm sure she will get enough motivation to lose weight!

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    Simple...just dont feed her.....give her ghaans-phoos....Thats what all skinny girls do....they don't eat food..
    just give her salad for breakfast
    then salad for lunch
    then salad for dinner
    thats it then you'll have Malaika Arora Khan in 8 weeks.....with whom you can get closer in the back seat of your rover...
    I'm in love with your body
    I'm in love with the Shape of You

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    Losing weight is most difficult during first few days and then gets easier and easier. you need to take the matter in your own hands and force her to lose weight. tell her that this is the only way for her to save your marriage, emotionally blackmail her. also, if you decide to have sex then dont let her on top (for obvious reasons) !!
    Ek din sher banke jeene se behtar hai do din sher banke jiyo...

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    At 32, the desire is not at peak. It is during at the peak during teenage and actually it starts to fade away after 30. Anyway, was she slim when you married her 3 years back. You earned it man, now endure it, anyway the life is just less than half left.

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    Everything could be done with love and care.... depression due to no sex may be the reason of her over eating... try hard first and then you can proceed otherwise... have you taken her to nutritionist who can give her proper diet plan and guide her with lifestyle change? Have you enrolled her into weight losing classes or gym of any kind?
    The best thing to motivate her would be to join her in her plan to lose weight... go for a long walk at night or early in the morning together .... she won't get bored if you will be with her... if you don't want to spend money (which you should) find proper diet plan from internet... find the bad food habits in her routine and eliminate the food from your kitchen...
    Last of all .... nothing is impossible if you try with all your will... so try having sex in a dark room imagining ****ing a girl of your dreams :P have you ever heard "Cover the face **** the base"

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    simple diet diet n diet

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