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Thread: Shall I try Yoga for slimming?

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    Default Shall I try Yoga for slimming?

    Can yoga help in reducing fat? I've tried looking for yoga instructor nearby but couldn't find one.Will it be safe to try it myself using YouTube videos? I'm 29

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    Hi! Although I am a great believer of yoga, as a holistic therapy that also encourages weight loss apart from other benefits, but it is unwise and not advisable to try the asanas without the guidance of a qualified instructor.
    Yoga injuries can be pretty harmful.

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    Instead of yoga, start jogging. 0.5 miles in a day and increment by 0.5 miles each week. Keep on the increments till you reach 5 miles daily. Maybe 1 day rest each week. Give it 6 months, you will see a miracle. Yoga is a hoax. Whatever benefits from Yoga people see are from actually exercising that they get while doing Yoga. Dont waste money. You just need good shoes. Thats all. Also if you can, avoid fried food for 6 months.

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    Dude, first try to cut down eating and some walking or jogging for 15-30 mins a day. If you can get through that for 1 month, then try all the new things you want. I dont understand why people always go for Mount Everest when they havent even climbed an anthole.
    Ek din sher banke jeene se behtar hai do din sher banke jiyo...

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    hii there ,,,, good thing is .. you are self motivated ..

    so all the advices by above friends are correct... and testified ... just cut down a bit on salt and onion. Increase tomato and do have capsicum in any form without fat . avoid soda drinks . Increase vitamin c fruits like oranges and grapefruit. have bananas but without milk . and do make make a habit of having buttermilk a glass a day with lowest fat .

    Importantly brisk walk is the most safest cardio and it does not hurt any of your joints . jogging with a heavy weight will only push you back with possible knee joint injuries . M a professional fitness expert ..

    Cheers mate and dont push yourself too much extreme . Do go moderate. you will lose.

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