Hi, I am married man have lovely wife whom i love but i am also falling for colleague who is also married. I know I am doing infidelity by saying this and trust me I am killing my self by keeping my responsibility and trust of my wife over my own desire. I am trying everyday to keep my self loyal to my wife. I don't have ability to understand or read the signs (if she is giving any) of my colleague if she is interested in me or not and clearly not in physical relationship with anyone except my wife. I do not want to loose my wife, my career or my friendship with her. I am the person who values the ethics, trust and responsibility over own happiness and also admitting afraid of consequences I am in the situation where I can not confess my feeling to my colleague or my wife or anyone and this thing drain me out and put me in tremendous stress and thats the reason I am posting this open platform.

Criticism are welcome.