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Thread: My Life, My Wife. Sex and Extra marital sex

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    Default My Life, My Wife. Sex and Extra marital sex

    I love my wife specially when she chose me when I was struggling through my career and financial stability. She supported me morally, took care of my parents and done a lot more. We have been separated for long periods during my overseas job, a time when she was really alone and only taking care of kids and my parents. Recently when she moved with me, we started to have lot of problems. Might be my ego is to be blames. But I feel she lost the interest in two basic things required for relation between a couple - Conversation and Intimacy. I have been talking to her on both many times and gave it too many attempts but it's not working out. All long six years we have stayed committed only to each other but now I find it difficult. Specially when I don't have any objection with things otherwise morally considered bad, of course extra marital affair. All I need in a relation is a lot of emotional and physical intimacy.
    Everyday I help her with all household chores specially cooking. I try to give her relief from back pain by giving body and head massage. I try to get things done. As we are homeschooling kids I took responsibility for teaching maths and science and help her through internet and other things. What she asks me is to teach her about technology and help her to start her studies back. I am ready to support her. What I need from her is she can discuss her and my plans for days and life. Which she never do. I need her to sit with me to watch movies after kids go for sleep and then go intimate but she sleeps with kids. She wakes in morning after me and doesn't even budge to get intimate if I try to wake her up. She does like me to love her body, caress her, go down on her but is very reluctant do same with me during intimacy. She sometimes plays with me to get me arouse which happens almost instantly but she almost sleeps instantly.
    I can't divorce her as we have got two kids to take care and I love them very much. Now the only option left with me is to look for extramarital affair. I don't find anything wrong in that specially when partners are not fulfilling the needs. I have tried to talk to her on issue many times but she listens, says that she understands, cries and sobs and try to get wild for few days and then back to normal
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    Hi! Look, you say that you've been apart for many years in which she has been responsible for the kids and running the household and managing things on her own. It may have happened that she's got unused to you and needs some time to get back into a state of compatibility with you. Maybe your requirements have changed and maybe hers have.
    Nevertheless, you must give each other time and try ways to create compatibility and understanding. It could be that you may need to seek the intervention of a marriage counsellor. Extra marital sex is certainly not the answer.

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    Did you try talking to her about this? What did she have to say? I am sure there can be some middle ground with discussion. But looks to me that you are really closed to solutions and want to jump to certain prejudices and pre-conceived notions. You cannot blame her if she is really not aware of your issues. Talk to her about your frustration level.
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    Go for that extramarital shyt. Why you creating so much fuss?
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    agree with maam ...............

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