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Thread: We're facing ECP problems

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    Default We're facing ECP problems

    Hi mam me and my gf had sex 10 days ago but i felt that my condom broke but i was not sure so my gf took ipill and from past 3 days she was having nausea and feeling of vomit . she had bleeding from last 2 days plz help want to know if she is preganant ? she took ipill after 2 hourse of intercourse

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    If she's had the ECP within a couple of hours after unsafe sex, then its not likely that she is pregnant. Having said which, you really must be more careful when you have sex to protect yourself and your partner.

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    arre BC, how will Preeto Maam help you if she is pregnant. only a test or doctor can do that. whatever Preeto Maam or anyone here tells will be as good as your guess.

    but from your query, chancess are less. not zero, but less.
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    Test her. Also, learn some manners. ECP is not taken via mouth, it is inserted there.
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