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Thread: Do fat girls not deserve to be loved?

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    Somebody please close this thread.
    Give people roses while they can still smell them. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer_paradise View Post
    You have your opinion. We have ours. We wish you and your obese partners future the best of luck. Or whats left of it.

    Don't have opinions...opinions make you fat...and you're on a diet.
    I Hope They Remember You...

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    Quote Originally Posted by adirocksit View Post
    Everybody hasn't got time to take track of that, people have busy lives.....Maybe someone is doing something else greater than just loosing weight that makes them a role model.

    Nonsense. Cop out. Negative mental attitude. Unless there is some sort of medical hinderance there isn't an overweight person on this planet who cannot stick to a clean low carb diet and spare just 30 measly mins from their entire 24hr sofa and doughnut lifestyle to do exercise. I don't care how busy one is. Even cancer patients go to the gym. This girl asked if there was a Mr right while being a Mrs wrong. Does she deserve love? Of course but for now she deserves some tough loving from daily 30 min gruelling gym workouts, ideally HIT exercises . And don't tell me about metabolism ... What exactly do these people do to change there metabolism ? Precisely nothing. All they want is to have their cake and eat it and then moan that they don't look good. Body is a precious thing it does not belong to us, we do not have any right to abuse it by not being able to keep the mouth inactive .
    So may it be

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