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Thread: Pakistan can keep the Indus land and 'Indus heritage'

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    Arrow Pakistan can keep the Indus land and 'Indus heritage'

    Pakistan can keep the Indus land and 'Indus heritage'. We, Indians are moving on to bigger things like space travel to other planets.

    Context: If you go to Pakistani forums, you will realize that the Pakistanis refuse to call our country as India. They say that the name India is based on the Indus river which flows in Pakistan. Hence they say that only the undivided India could be called India.

    They call this country Bharat and us as Bharatis.

    Here's a typical Paki diatribe against India:

    I had no desire to inflame Indians by calling them bhartis. Bharat is an official name of your country, In Urdu we refer to India as Bharat. I have serious reservation over Bharat naming itself India. The name India was shared between both Pakistan and Bharat. Originally it was applied only to Indus valley which Alexander invaded but later it was applied to whole south Asia. When Pakistan gained its independence from Britons it might have been logical for the new state in the Indus valley to take the name India or even Industan as the valley was called by English sailors but our founder rejected this name given by invaders. We have our history to be proud of and do not need to take the name/identity from invaders. Since you Indians had no history Nehru was right to steal the name India from Indus valley Pakistanis to claim as theirs. You people have nothing to be proud of, it is Pakistanis who should be that Indian ocean is named after their river Indus. You people are known throughout the world due to the achievements of Pakistani ancestors. Jinnah was furious when Bharat chose the name India and felt bharat had hijacked Pakistan’s millennia of civilization.

    Pakistani press in its early years used to call India "Bharat" and referred to Indians as "Bharatis.", obviously Pakistani civilian leadership of that time were against this bharati fraud. Even president Eisenhower once referred to Nehru as the "Prime Minister of 'Bharat. It was only after military coup when the loser general Ayub Khan came to power that attitude of the Pakistani press changed bharat became India. Some self defeatist Pakistanis didn’t care about losing their identity to Bhartis but many did care. Pakistan is a child of Indus and I always try my best to not call Bharat as India, since this our heritage and you people have no history this is why you are trying to rob us of our history. I am not the only person who calls Indian bharti there are thousands out there. Why not call yourself bhartis what wrong with this name Bharata was a legendary Hindu hero. You people are obviously suffering from identity crises.
    Why doesn't anybody retort as below:

    Pakistan can keep the Indus land and 'Indus heritage'. We, Indians are moving on to bigger things like space travel to other planets. If Indus civilization indeed belongs to Pakistan, why is it that while India has reached Mars, Pakistan is still unable to enter India despite trying so hard? Why hasn't the Pakistani community produced a Srinivas Ramanujam (mathematician) or M. Visvesvaraya (an eminent engineer)?

    If Pakis bring up the example of Abdus Salam, tell them that Nobel Prize is often about politics than good work in science. Pakis don't believe Indians. So quote some Westerner ridiculing Paki people’s god, Abdus Salam.

    This is what Luciano Bertochhi, former deputy director of ICTP had to say about Salam:

    "This is the story of my relations with Abdus Salam, which were quite close for almost thirty years, and very intense for the last twenty. The first time I heard the name of Salam was in the fall of 1956, when as a young student, I was preparing my Italian Master thesis on dispersion relations. My supervisor gave me a copy of the lecture notes on dispersion relations which had been delivered by Salam at Rochester. These were hand-written notes – they appear in the list of his publications kept at our library as publication no. 24 – and the way they were written was very typical of Salam's approach and style.

    Even for formulae, although the beginning and the final result were correct, the intermediate passages were full of mistakes; but the final result was right. This was typical of Salam: to be able to pick up, in physics as well as all other domains, the most important points and to look at them very carefully, neglecting the less important details, provided the final result was correct."

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    Be it Western countries or be it Arab countries in Gulf, it is well known that Pakistani expatriate community consist of generally taxi drivers while Indians get better jobs like that of techies and doctors. Bachha bachha janta hai. Not exaggerating. I actually heard a kid make this remark.

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    za no .................

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