A man ( John Goodman playing Bill Randa ) hell bent on proving the existence of monster sized creatures tricks the US military into an expedition to a forbidding island---forbidding because it is surrounded by perpetual storms and getting helicopters into it is not easy . Having got there through those storms the expedition faces the bigger dilemma of getting out safely , because there is only one escape route and the way to it is across a path strewn with monsters ; the fact that Randa is trying to prove is true .

The monsters are nothing new but mostly oversized versions of common creatures---oversized buffaloes , oversized insects etc . But at that size they are enough to terrify humans who look tiny in front of them . Of course , the most terrifying are the most ugly---giant reptiles what else . They are hell bent on killing anything that moves on the island . And the biggest on them has been woken up by the explosives that the military team detonates on the island .

Lording over all these creatures is the 'hero' of the film---the massive ape called King Kong what else . At first Kong has to destroy the helicopters killing many of the expedition's men in order to stop them from exploding explosives which will wake his biggest enemy---the big reptile . This rouses the ire of the military team's leader ( Lt Colonel Packard played by Samuel L . Jackson ) who vows to kill Kong . Little does he realise that Kong is the only hope for the surviving men and women ( the expedition has been joined by female photojournalist Mason Weaver played by Brie Larson ) in the expedition to reach home alive---for only he can counter the big reptile awoken by the explosives who wants to eat the remaining members alive .

I saw the film in IMAX 3D form and straightaway I must say that the film has been tailormade for that form . 3D effects are really good and IMAX lends full glory to the visual beauty of the film . The film's photography is it's strong point---stunning scenes of helicopters weaving their way through storms to reach a beautiful island carpeted by a cover of dense green vegetation pleasing to the eyes , towering shots of the huge monsters on the island including a full scale one of Kong in all his majesty , long range shots of the destruction of the helicopters by Kong , and a superb shot of the delicately vulnerable Mason Weaver held tenderly in his hand by Kong .

The background score is not the strong point of the film , but that is not noticed due to the other strong points of the movie . Action scenes are well pictured too , though they do not convey any seriousness even in life and death situations . Acting is good by everyone , particularly by Samuel L. Jackson , John Goodman and John C. Reilly ( who plays a quirky old soldier stranded on the island for 28 years ) . Brie Larson looks good , particularly with her lovely breasts thrust out from under her top . The native humans of the island look appropriately peaceful and helpful .

The film does manage to convey a sense of impeding mystery and doom as the helicopter ride into the island begins , and also manages to convey a sense of adventure throughout . What else is a non serious adventure film meant to do for entertainment ? Nothing more , I guess .

Verdict---Good .

Three and a half stars out of five .