This is not a flame thread. There are valid doubts about technological capabilities of Indian organizations. Let there be debate.

We have a right to know because these organizations are using the name of our country on international platform and they are playing with our emotions by creating a sense of pride - real or false.

So why do we need F-16 planes when we have Tejas LCA?

I can think of one explanation.

It is reminiscent of past. You notice the pattern?

Faking a technological capability so that USA doesn't deny the genuine technology because we have pretended that we have that technology anyways. Indians did that with the computer technology. Faked building of supercomputer PARAM which paved way to Americans allowing the export of personal computers to India.

Abdul Kalam had said, "West offers technology only if the recipient country is on the verge of perfecting that technology." It should be added that there's no need to perfect the technology. Feigning the technological capability by bribing Western media houses would suffice.