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Thread: Oh! Terri! Booti Slapping Contest in Russia!

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    Default Oh! Terri! Booti Slapping Contest in Russia!

    It is 2019 and what did you expect? Of course, a "Booty Slapping Championships" going on where people compete by slapping each other's rear side. The championship is launched in Russia after the success of face slapping craze. The booty slapping championship is for the women after the success of male face slapping tournament that went super viral across the world. 'The Booty Slapping Championships' is sweeping the internet and videos of women slapping each other's booty is being widely watched (ya nasty.) Many fitness enthusiasts and models took part at the Yashankin Cup in Siberia and are slapping each other so hard that they make their opponent step forward. Booty slapping competition is a part of the Siberian Power Show that is a two-day festivity also featuring the bizarre Man Slapping Championship ?mass wrestling? matches.

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