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Thread: "Kingdom of Dixit" !!!

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    Thumbs up "Kingdom of Dixit" !!!

    Meet Suyash Dixit, the Indian from ?Kingdom of Dixit?, who now owns no man?s land in Africa !!!

    Suyash Dixit travelled all the way to Bir Tawil, an unclaimed 2,000 sq km area in North Africa between Egypt and Sudan.

    Here?s an Indian man who is lording it over a tract of land in Africa. It was a barren land that had no ownership until he claimed it. The man of the moment is Suyash Dixit ? a 24-year-old businessman from Indore, who has proclaimed himself as the king of this piece of land in Africa that no one owns. Dixit travelled all the way to Bir Tawil, an unclaimed 2,000 sq km area in North Africa between Egypt and Sudan as per The Times of India.

    Dixit, who is the CEO of a technology firm went to attend a software developers conference in Cairo this month and after that, he drove to Bir Tawil. ?While in Cairo, I decided to travel to the place. I took a connecting flight from Cairo to Abu Simbel on November 4 after the conference and travelled in a rented car for six hours through the desert to reach Bir Tawil. There is no road, but it was not a difficult trip, although I was afraid of being abducted by terrorists. There, I realized nobody was bothered about it, so I decided to claim it for myself. I planted sunflower seeds there, which is a traditional way to claim ownership of land,? Dixit was quoted as saying by TOI. Not only sunflower seeds, but Dixit also planted a flag that he specially designed for the ?Kingdom of Dixit.?

    Dixit had read about Bir Tawil while travelling for the conference in Cairo. The area hasn?t been inhabited by anyone since 1902 because of a complicated colonial-era border demarcation history and its arid conditions. After returning back to India, Dixit wrote an online petition to the United Nations seeking recognition of his claim. ?After returning, I wrote an online petition to the UN informing them about my claim, and requesting recognition, although I am not very optimistic that they will reply. However, in just a day?s time, I have received support from more than 800 people for my claim, so it might just happen,? Dixit was quoted by TOI.

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    i know the other dixit well

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