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Thread: Over weight, Low self esteem, Depressed

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    Question Over weight, Low self esteem, Depressed

    Hi mam,
    i am 28 F married. i've been overweight by 25kgs. And i've been trying to lose weight since 5years. i didn't know that the main cause of my weight increase was a bad diet as i've been staying at home since 5years. I initially thought lack of exercise was the main cause as i am a house wife since 5years now. Last year i followed a diet program because of which i lost 7-8kgs but then things went bad and i fell sick and all i blamed was the diet which was not ofcourse and went back to my old eating habits. i really have a very bad habit of eating when i am not doing any work, i mean i eat when i watch tv or when i am bored and its mostly junk food nothing healthy. i've been having this habit since my childhood. But somehow did not put on much weight then,but the last 5 years are just horrible. i am unable to accept myself the way i look. i don't have confidence to do anything. i want to learn something which helps to improve my career but i don't have any confidence at all. like my diet has failed i have a fear that i will fail in everything i do. i am very much afraid just to take the first step in doing anything. even if i take it within few days/months i'll start convincing myself that i am going to fail and i'm giving up.i have been putting off a lot of things linking to this weight issue. like i've been convincing myself that i will first loose weight and then do anything regarding my career or have children, but nothings happening. i am just in a place where i am 5years ago. i've been living overseas since 5 years and i don't have any friends or family whom i can share with and who can understand my problem. i am just drowning and these days all i think is negative because i feel i am fit for nothing.
    Can you please tell me what should i do? Can i solve my problem or do i have to consult anyone

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    Solution is in first half of your query, stop eating junk food. There is no magic solution that is going to help you. Its not easy and initial efforts can be tough. But once you are used to it, you will start enjoying the process. All the best.
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    Nice ...........

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    Thankfully over weight is an issue that we can solve ourselves BUT ONLY IF YOU TRY TO MAKE AN EFFORT.
    1. Have some self control when it comes to having food. Avoid junk.
    2. Join a gym. Just dieting won't do any help. You'll have to make efforts to achieve the goal. Remember there are millions of people who have been there, done that. You aren't the only person to face the issue. No matter how hard one try to control diet, the stubborn fat won't go away. You need to work out and do some cardio to achieve the goal. You can't just sit there and wish if magic happens. You need to work for it and do something. Don't tell me that you can't go to the gym just because you don't have any company. Don't even tell me the excuse log kya kahenge because you obviously mentioned that you live abroad and nobody is going to give a mdamn about what you are doing. I live in a small town in India, I go the gym and I don't have any company either. I go alone, I work out alone. So if I can do that, you definitely can.
    3. Try to go for running every morning. You don't have to run 1 km a day. Just go for some 100 m on day 1 and gradually increase the distance.
    4. If you like dance, join some zumba class. They have weight loss programs as well.
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    Why you lose self esteem for being overweight? Make it your strength.
    You never know what you can become ..

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    For best results you must join a Gym

    It helps in shaping the body & maintaining weight loss as well.. so let's say you again fall sick or something in future you'll still have some weight lost on an average than from where you started... sudden weight loss is never advisable since it's likely that you've dropped your metabolic rate making fat gain easier in the long run.

    Certain dietary patterns especially decrease your hunger.. so even when you're bored you are likely not to over-eat... even a tea can satiate you by a lot.

    Fortunately, am a Sports Nutritionist and Strength Coach.. if you seek professional guideance let me know

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    Default get a life

    eating isn't a bad habbit. It keeps you alive. you should consult a dietician about why you are always hungry. nobody eats because of hobby. If you think you have a bad habbit of eating everytime. perhaps its your mechanism to cope with stress. And your stress is because of your overthinking about your diet and also because you are unemployed and nothing better to do than think. Keep your mind busy. You have too much free time. take a hobby . play "chess" like games with your online friends to keep your mind occupied (hence prevent yourself from over eating)and also to keep yourself busy. Make a routine like going to walk in the morning and evening or Gym. After marriage hormone changes occur that might be a reason of becoming fat. You should check if you have medical problem like diabetes or thyroid.

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