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    Hi Preeti mam, I am married for 3 years. I and my husband have a great sex life. We have a healthy sex life.
    However, my issue is, after my pregnancy & baby, I am more inclined towards sex. It takes too much time for me to satisfy during intercourse. My husband tries to satisfy me first. Sometimes during sex, he ejaculates quickly & tries to satisfy me using other method. But I feel guilty sometimes. I like to him that I am finished & wait for him to sleep. I then masturbate to have an orgasm.
    Also, it happens that I only get satisfied if I masturbate after sex. I just don't understand the reason for this since we have a great sex.
    Looking for you help. Thanks.

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    Try more foreplay. Discuss the problem with your husband. Maybe you can watch porn first and then only when you are charged, ask your husband to join in. Try different positions. In short, do things differently so that you feel the excitement.
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    More foreplay....
    Get masterbated during foreplay through hubby

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