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Thread: Spending too much time on mobile with other girls

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    Default Spending too much time on mobile with other girls

    I a engineer and married from last 4 years. My sex life is satisfactory. Only problem i am having is i explore girls on instagram and request them for video chat. Many agrees and I do masturbation during video chat. This is very frequent. I really gets addicted out of this. Kindly help what should i do

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    Solution is very simple. Stop chatting to girls and your addiction will go away. If not, then give your mobile to your wife and tell her not to give you.
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    Your all problems regarding addiction will stop the day your wife finds out. Addiction will end and your trouble will begin .
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    imagine when your wife finds ou how will she feel.... she may even think you are not satisfied with her.. she may have a lot of emotional issues. and you dont have the right to make someone feel like this... when you get married, you have to be responsible... just saying am addicted isnt going to help. these things sooner or later always comes out. believe me. before your wife knows about it stop this and concentrate on your life.

    wait one minute, usually people who have a lot of free time tend to wander here and there... i think if you make proper use of your time your problem will be solved. start practicing your prayer... instead of looking for these things... am sure you dont have time to pray with your so called activities!! invest in god amy be these things will bring you good.. spend time with your wife... many man spend only sexual time with wife.. quality time, doing things together should also be considered... watch movies together, play games together... thats it!!
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    If you have a happy sex life, why go for things like these? Try to find something else that interests you and will keep you busy than spending time for unnecessary video chat. Start reading habbit or something effective.
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