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Thread: Need urgent help regarding love / relationship. please must answer everyone.

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    Exclamation Need urgent help regarding love / relationship. please must answer everyone.

    I was in relationship in one girl who was married with 1 child. her child was 1 year old only and she took divorce from court and came to her father's home. since 2 years she was living there, and she begins to love me and everything between us was going perfect. but last month suddenly, his ex husband put case on court that I had not given divorce I want to re-join etc and court ordered that she should go back to him and live there....

    Now, before as well, she was forced to do marriage there just because of he was close relative of her family. now again she doesn't wanted to go because of me but her mother and father requested her cried just for the sake of there relatives and society issues, as you know traditions in INDIA and PAKISTAN.. marriage is not just for boy girl but for whole relatives parents try to make every relative happy with there decisions no matter there boy or girl is happy with it or not.. and they've sent her back to him.... now still we are in contact but she's only crying and saying me that I've lost you now coming back is never gonna possible they have done agreement that no matter what you will live with him and she is saying I am dying here, I cannot live without you (me), i am now just like a living person but dead inside... I don't know what should I do its really hurting...

    please friends give me sincere suggestions, what should I do, even if she was normal and happy going back then I would say nothing but the thing that matter, she is still not happy, she wants me but her family...... her family doesn't know about me.... I am thinking to call her Dad or Mum and tell you have done totally wrong..... please tell me what should I do?

    many thank

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    If she cannot stand up to her parents & relatives, then there is no point waiting for her. Move on. I know its difficult, but there is no other choice. If you have to be together, then she has to take initiative. If she does not stand up, then you doing whatever is not going to make a difference.
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    Huh.....feed sad for you bud!!

    Until and unless the girl takes a strong decision to move out of her marriage, this situation cannot change.

    I can only suggest you to slowly cut off from her. Else, things will turn worse for both of you.

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    Nothing in your hands. it all depends on the girl. if she is willing to leave all and come to you. may be her child is also causing a barrier.. you can only encourage her and tell her you will look after her and her child come with you.... may be that will give her some strength... otherwise forget about her!!!
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    Ask her to choose between you or her husband. Tell her it's her life and not the so called relatives' life. Happiness or tears. If she is strong enough to take a stand, she is worth it. If not, there's nothing much you can do about it.
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    You need to forget her and try a new relationship with someone else.
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