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    Default Serious Advise needed

    I am married male with 6 years old daughter (7 years old marriage)

    Wife -
    Case 1 year 2015 - Had big fight with me, went out with office friends and made out with office colleague (first time meeting)
    Result - I forgive her

    Case 2 Year 2015 - After six months, indulged in sexual chat only for one night with her collage colleague
    Result - I forgive her

    Case 3 Year 2016 - After one year, indulged in sexual chat with her ex-crush,he sent her nude photos also.
    Result - was about to separate, but again forgive her

    Case 4, year 2017 - After 1 year, indulged in sex with office boss
    Result - I have informed her that we are separating.

    My doing - Now I am also involved with another girl emotionally and physically (after Case 3 started) After Case 4 - I got involved more with this new girl in my life.

    My confusion - from Last 7 months, we both husband wife living in two separate rooms, she is saying sorry regularly, cries for 6-7 hours sometimes, she is depressed too, she is loosing her health. Now after 7 months i am feeling bad the way I am ignoring her, rejecting her, my daughter missing that i do not talk to her mother. I am too depressed from inside but that another girl in my life keeping me alive. From last many days I am thinking if I separate then my daughter will face all these problems (separated parents) and also I do not have courage to break my girlfriend's heart.
    I dont know which way I have to go,,,, please give me serious advise.

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    look its true you cant forgive and forgive... it all depends on you now... what you really want.. you want to start a new life then go for divorce... and live with your new girl. i understand you care for your daughter. but i dont think you will be able to fake a good relationship with your wife just to show your daughter. at some point she will understand. early or late you will have to leave your wife and your daughter will have to adapt to the situation. though these things affect kids a lot.. you are helpless you cant do otherwise so its better to ride only one boat... you cant ride two boats at the same time it will cause you a lot of problems...

    life continues... go ahead with your new life, i see no point in sitting and waiting over here! your daughter will be sad with this decision but with time she will understand. if your relationship could have been repaired i would advised you to do so. but your relationship cannot be repaired.... it just wont happen! so take your decision!
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    They say that you keep falling in love with same person many times. You need to decide what you want to do and stay firm. Even if you are in a rotten relation, its not going to help your daughter much. If you want to stay, then get some sort of commitment from your wife that she will stay loyal and you will do the same.
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    Bad ..............

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    There is no point in forgiving her over and over because she is most likely to cheat on you again. You deserve a stress free life, happy life and an honest partner. And sticking with your wife just for the sake of your daughter will only make you unhappy. You won't be satisfied with your life and will probably continue your affair with your gf.. so why making things complicated? Just get a divorce and move on for a better life. You will still have rights over your daughter. Don't put the little girl into too much stress by making her live in an unhappy home where her parents keep fighting all the time. She might get hurt if you divorce now. But sooner or later she will realize that her parents are better off without each other.
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    Case 5- collect proofs and divorce. Once a b1tch, always a b1tch.
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