Hello Preeto Ma'am !!

Startingly, I am in relationship for the last 1 year. She was my best friend but now is my GF. Well my problem is that my GF is very outspoken. Past me mujhse ek galti hui thi she caught me on phone while talking to my ex. Actually, one of my friend call me for get together and I didn't know that my ex will also be there. So I accidently met her. While leaving ex was talking to me and my gf just called me and phone pickup ho gaya. She hear our conversation. She thought I am still ditching her but it was not my fault if my ex was there ( I wanted to tell her but uske pehele hi she called me and heared ). From that I am very loyal and honest to her. I tell her everything wheather I am taking to my friend or girl or anything. I tried my best to win her trust. Now she has joined some coarse marketing coarse and there is a teacher who is older to her like 26 years. They both started messaging each other in night. I wanted to ask her but thing is kuch bhi bolu to she always remind me of my past mistake that u have done this to me etc etc. One day I got her mobile and started checking out her messages without knowing her. She saw me and started yelling at me u don't trust me ? Tune jo kaam kia hai tujhe lagta hai me bhi wahi karungi etc. U want to marry me or my mobile enough is enough. Maine har man ke maafi mang li !! But another time I just saw there conversation wo bhi raat ke waqt. I told her ki yar Day me baat karo its ok but raat me is not a professional thing. Par at least raat ka waqt to hamara hota hai why are you messaging or replying to him ? Uss bande ki bhi gf hai . She started saying meri lyf control karne ki koshish mat kar bla bla. And let me tell you Usssne meri sari friends se baat band karva di jo me karta bhi nahi thaa.. Bas ab mujhe ye anxiety attack aate hai. I want to see their conversation but usske gusse se nahi puchta. I have no job nothing. I am loyal and honest to her but she is like me kuch bhi pucho usee to bas mere past ko yaad dila ke guilt feel karvana.

I just want to get rid out of anxiety attack

Preeto maam and friends please help me out.

I have no friends to share