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Thread: unable to fall pregnant.

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    Default unable to fall pregnant.

    i am 28 yrs old soon to be 29. i was always someone who would get my period every month without any delay. after marriage my hubby didnt want a child early. so we waited but after 8 month of marriage i suddenly got a urine infection. i went to a gyenecologist to treat it... i got cured but following that my body was not like before. i stopped getting my period for three months. at third months i realised i need to see the doc. i went there he he prescribed primolut pills. i got my period. but problem as from that day its been 1 year am still not normal. it looks like i have stopped ovulating.

    even today i need pills to get my period. i just felt how come ive stopped ovulating like this. ive been following treatment for falling pregnant as well with the doc. using ovitrelle and clomid. but nothing is working. doctor now telling me my body might not be ovulating. may be i should consider IVF.

    IVF is a very costly procedure. i can afford only one IVF cycle. but i have heard many people first cycle IVF fail. am feeling afraid to go for it. according to my doctor the sooner i do it the better it is because of age factor! i am feeling helpless. and difficult to take the decision.

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    i think doctor neha can better reply this querry
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    Hello.... We can understand your pain.. there can be lots of reasons for not ovulating or falling pregnant. A whole book can be written on these reasons.
    I will just give u one suggestion. Get your AMH(a hormone )checked. A blood sample will tell it. Zero AMH value tells you have no egg reserve . In that case no ivf or iui treatment will work as you are having no egg reserve. Any value more than 1 means you are having all chances of ivf being successful

    Other cause of infertility may be male factor too. Thyroid, uterine polyps , fibroids , obesity etc etc lots more factors can lead to infertility .
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    keep trying and see a doctor. neha is also a good doctor, no doubt but replying through forum has limitations.
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    great ...........

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    You both need to see a gynecologist and a urologist (and a RE if needed) and get yourself tested. Both of you. Don't assume or jump into conclusions before that.
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