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Thread: How to deal with short tempered wife

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    Exclamation How to deal with short tempered wife

    Hello Forum Members,

    I have recently gotten married and have found my wife to be extremely short tempered. She looses cool even with slightest of things and starts shouting abusing-
    1. if i get late in office, she wd start yelling
    2. One day I made Poha in breakfast as she was not in mood to make and yet she started shouting coz I didnt make eggs
    3. One day I found her in kitchen making uneven parathas so told that let me help her but instead she went furious, shouted abused me and ran away for 10-15 mins frm house
    4. One day She didnt find auto and change of Rs 500, she shouted on me
    5. One day we having dinner in bed and I left couple of vessels for her to keep in kitchen then also she shouted saying she was feeling lazy and I should have taken all in one go.
    6. I have a heavy data diven job so to cool myself I sometimes play games to calm myself but she problems with that too. if she finds me playing she would start shouting.
    7. She gets up at 830 in morning and makes 1 curry for dinner and expects me to cook breakfast and have lunch at office. If I fail even one day she would shout
    I just donno how to live life the way she wants.
    I even told her parents but they seem blind and instead started teaching me that i am not a bachelor anymore and I must do as she likes otherwise she would loose temper.
    I have tried to take her to a doctor/marriage counselor but she then either plays emotionally or simply refuses to go.
    Its becoming tough day by day and I see no solution to the tunnel I am in. I
    All this while, not once I have ever picked up fight with her or have first shouted on her. She agrees being selfish but doesnt do anything about it.
    Please advice if I am missing anything.

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    Welcome to the club bro

    I request all the members to pls give your suggestions !!!

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    you know the key to have a peaceful relationship is compromise.. but being a female i am telling you, compromise has to be both sides... here its only about you. there is something wrong.. sorry to say but your wife looks a bit too selfish.. i am a working woman and my hubby helps me a lot... even if am angry sometimes am not allowed to shout at him.. if i do so he will stop talking to me.. indirectly making me understand that i dont have the right to shout at him. your mistake is the first time she shouted you should have showed her through emotions itself that you are upset. let her come pacify you. she would have slowly understood.

    you will have to play with feelings to get things right.. you dont need to shout back.. sometimes silence is more powerful. and silent treatment when you are upset really affects the other partner. even if you have to stop talking for few days to make her understand she did something wrong.

    it may work if done correctly... it may not work as well.. all depends your ability to handle her. because if you continue give her the impression that she can treat you like a slave then sorry to say your life will be like hell!!!! she is not respecting you enough..

    your problem is you have been to soft with her.... MAN should not show wife she can do like she want specially from the very start of your marriage!

    my hubby is a tough guy... yet sweet when required.. he does a lot for me, he wash dishes, clean house for me, iron my clothes as well sometimes... but if i just tell him (Note: no shouting lol only talking) dont leave towel on bed. he will get furious and stop talking to me. and would tell me i dont have the right to disrespect him.. sometimes i ask myelf whendid i disrespected him? but he wont listen and would stick to his words... and finally i will have to take back my words!!! so you see!! you have to learn to stand for yourself and be tactfull!
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    Are u the wife or she is?
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    bhai ke liye jagah karo be...aaja bhai....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rv102938 View Post
    bhai ke liye jagah karo be...aaja bhai....


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    Your wife lacks maturity and everything that is required for a good family environment. Follow all the advice of sweet Mimi. Nothing more to add. Still if she doesn't change means she is suffering from mental illness . You need to consult a psychiatrist asap otherwise her short temperdness will surely drive u crazy some day.
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    Give her some, and she will be fine.
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