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Thread: Why is it so Hard to Swat a Fly?

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    Default Why is it so Hard to Swat a Fly?

    We?ve all been there. Just why are these pesky houseflies so hard to swat?

    The answer might lie in the way they see the world and sense time.

    Trying to swat a fly is like trying to shoot Keanu Reeves in The Matrix because time appears to move more slowly in the minds of smaller animals, a new study has claimed.

    The ultra-nimble fly is capable of processing nearly seven times as much information in a second as a human. This means a rolled-up piece of newspaper that is moving so fast that it appears as a blur to our eyes is, to the fly, more like the slow-motion bullets that are easily dodged by Neo, Reeves? character in The Matrix.

    Check the video!!!

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