Dear Madam,

I have been married for 8 years now, we have two daughters.
In Nov last year we started to visit a grocery store regularly; my wife often told me the Owner of the store was a handsome hunk. I took it as normal & thought it was ok for her to compliment some one else.
They guy would often give free candy's to my kids which would lead to them always asking us to go to their shop.
In jan they guy asked us out for coffee and we 3 went (he, my wife &me), we went 2-3 times and after that she started to go with him regularly; In feb she confessed that they had kissed. my intial reaction due to work stress was its ok & I asked her to stop seeing the man.

Few days later she confessed that they had met over coffee & nothing else; few days into the same it went to kissing. My dad is no more, Mom left home to meet my sister for 40 days and in these 40 days my wife started seeing this man on regular basis. She would often tell me that she has kissed him, I tried to stop her by telling things like if society gets to know about this no would marry our girls on the future and would try to talk to her. I did not hit or beat her at any time.

Few days later she told me she had sex with guy in our car.
Our relationship began to part & we were now sleeping in different rooms, I was angry ,but I told her that if she leaves him I will accept her.

I could see she was now crazy about him and would send him intimate pictures of her self. She began to ignore our kids and our fights started. One day she told me that the man wants to meet me, he came with his friends and thrashed me, I was left with an fractured elbow and injuries.

The assaults continued and my wife knew about them and he started coming home to have fun with her at night.

As days passed my wife went to her parents city along with kids as soon as my mom came home.
One fine day the neighbors told me mom that they saw another man coming home several times at night and about my assault.

Slowly we confronted my wife , initially she denied, however later she confessed and said that I was a loser & she wanted to get rid of me. After two hours , she called my mother and apologized for her actions.

few days dialogues were pasted between both sides and then they gave me the kids.
now I want to divorce her.

Please guide !