'India placed the order, primarily due to the IAF's 'critical operational necessity'.'

'The complexity of the IAF's requirements delayed the process for months.'

'It is these requirements which cannot be made public.'
'Can you image Indian politicians publicly discussing the pros and the cons of such military equipment?'

'It would provide India's enemies with indications about the IAF's tactical plans in case of a conflict.'

'It is crucial that they should remain secret to protect India's defence preparedness,' explains Claude Arpi.

The Election Season is on.

On Friday evening, the Modi Sarkar comfortably sailed through its first confidence motion after a 12-hour debate. The motion moved by the Telugu Desam Party ended with the BJP winning with a margin of 325 vs 126 against the Opposition.

It was not without drama.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi delivered a fiery speech ending with a great theatrical move.

As a national newspaper noted, the debate was 'advertised almost like a prize bout, with Gandhi the challenger and Modi the comfortably ahead reigning champion'.

Not less 'dramatic' was the accusation of the scion of the Gandhi dynasty that there was something fishy in the Rafale deal with France.

Rahul Gandhi claimed that though the government said there was a secrecy clause covering the details of the deal, it was not true.

He told Parliament that he had discussed the issue with French President Emmanuel Macron: 'I personally met the French president and asked him if there is such a pact between the French and Indian governments. The French president told me that there is no such pact between the French and Indian governments.'