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Thread: Does Young India believe in safe sex?

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    Default Does Young India believe in safe sex?

    Is young India sexually active?
    Do they favour contraceptives?
    What are they doing to ensure safe sex?

    Ahead of World Contraception Day, September 26, market research firm YouGov India conducted a survey to know how aware India is about contraception and safe sex.

    Participants aged 18 to 29 years were quizzed about their sexual habits and views on contraception.

    1,030 people from across India participated in the survey that was conducted in September 2018

    Sex in India

    Eighty four per cent men and 68 per cent women who participated in the survey said they were sexually active.

    While a majority of them were aware of condoms, birth control pills and emergency pill as forms of contraception, a considerable number of respondents indicated they knew of female sterilisation, vaginal rings and contraceptive injections as well.

    Three in five people who participated in the survey currently use condoms for safe sex. It is also one of the widely used form of contraception among the younger generation.

    Only 10 per cent people indicated using birth control pills and 4 per cent thought of emergency pills as an option.

    Check the table below:

    Buying condoms

    A majority of them preferred buying condom at pharmacies and drug stores. Only 7 per cent respondents indicated buying contraception online.

    Male contraceptive pills

    When asked if they were in favour of male contraceptive pills, 84 per cent said men should share the responsibility of contraception and family planning and take birth control pills.

    The remaining 16 per cent felt that men cannot be trusted with following the discipline of taking pills and hence should not take contraceptive pills.

    Myths around contraception and safe sex

    Over one third respondents (36 per cent) said that morning pill can also be used as a contraceptive pill. Forty nine per cent respondents were unsure of its actual use.

    More than 50 per cent felt that being on the pill for a long time makes it difficult to get pregnant.

    Check the table below for details:

    Survey data: Kind courtesy

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