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Thread: Smartphone has defused the bomb of population explosion the world over

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    Arrow Smartphone has defused the bomb of population explosion the world over

    Smartphone has defused the bomb of population explosion the world over. Be it China, be it Pakistan, be it Bangladesh, be it India or be it Africa.

    Information for the unacquainted: Time that the rural people used to spend procreating is now being spent watching youtube videos. Indian television shows are crap but majority of the population like it and youtube gives access. Internet also gives the simple rural folks constructive ideas about education and employment. Smartphone also gives access to Facebook and WhatsApp. And I forgot to mention IPL. All this keeps them busy and prevents them from copulating more.

    Finally something that works. Television didn't work. Till smartphones arrived in 2010, it seemed coercive methods were the only way to control population explosion.

    Smartphone has done a miracle.

    Edit-Add: Internet also has p0rn but that won't affect the effectiveness of Smartphone in controlling the population. Earlier, rural folks would indulge in sex because of complete absence of any other pastime. Indian culture is conservative. Given a choice between clean entertainment and p0rn, most Indians would choose the former. Complete absence of option is worse than a choice between p0rn and clean entertainment. Even if Indians watch a bit of p0rn, they would get over it and switch to other channels like drama shows or even political news.
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    That's good news

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