One secret that all the models and beauty queens swear by is to start the day with a fulfilling breakfast and end with the lightest meal possible, says Nmami Agrawal.

Image published for representational purposes only. Photograph: Kind courtesy Manushi Chillar

Working in the glam world comes with its own perks.

But it is also a highly demanding industry as one needs to maintain poise, confidence and a fit and healthy body in front of the camera.

Needless to say, a healthy diet and an intense workout regime becomes integral companions to the ones scaling the peaks of this industry.

If you ever wondered what these models or beauty queens eat to stay fit and healthy, we have got you covered.

Here are some simple-to-follow and easy-to-adapt lifestyle and dietary tips and tricks that would ensure you stay best in shape like that top-notch beauty queen you secretly consider your role-model.

Start early, start fresh

The very first thing to adapt from the lifestyle of a beauty queen or a successful model is to abide by an everyday discipline.