Pakistan's belligerence over Kashmir is fake. No Pakistani is interested in Kashmir.

That's why the 'Kashmir issue' has dragged on for 7 decades.

That's why Pakistan never took Kashmir despite having upper hand on numerous occasions.

That's why Indian singers are invited to perform in Pakistani marriages even after scrapping of article 370.

PM Imran Khan has given a tacit approval to revocation of article 370 and his predecessors gave tacit approval to Indian possession of Kashmir. They cannot say it directly.

In their heart of hearts Kashmir is only as much important to Pakistanis as Bangladesh.

But where does the sporadic Pakistani enthusiasm and energy regarding Kashmir come from?

The answer is American policy of divide and rule i.e. make countries fight each other with the intention of taking advantage of chaos in order to take control of the region. All Indo-Pak wars were orchestrated by Anglo-Saxons. In fact the 'Kashmir dispute' was set up by the departing British in the hope of reestablishing the colonial rule. In 1947, the leaders of newly born countries (India and Pak) were coming to terms with newly acquired power and figuring out how to do the job of Prime Minister or how to grab the post of Prime Minister. And the officers of the two armies were gleefully taking promotions to the posts vacated by the exiting British officers. Kashmir was the last thing on their mind. That is when Mountbatten put the K idea in the heads of Nehrus, Patels, Gandhis, Jinnahs and Liaqats. It is said that during first Kashmir war, while Indian and Pakistani soldiers were spilling blood, the British officers in the two opposing armies were communicating with each other throughout the conflict.

Both then and now, an average Pakistani's priorities have always been job, wealth and migrating to Western countries. Cricketer Mohammad Amir's thinking in 2019 of wanting to leave the 'terrorist country' is not an exception.