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Thread: Soham & Anjali pix - 24-8-06

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    Arrow Soham & Anjali pix - 24-8-06


    here are latest pix for you guys ..


    Episode details:
    Everyones leaving for temple..reeva comes and tells soham didnt come home whole nite and she is worried..bauji said she must have told the before about this...Soham enters all wet...he said he couldnt come cuz of rain..then they asked him to come to temple wid them but he said that he is tired he cant come..reeva says its ok i m going its same..Anjali looked worried for him all this time.

    Then they all left and soham went to to his bedroom and fell on his bed...with song Tarap tarap ke is dil se ah nikalti rahi...And all the flashbacks...He kept crying and was restless.

    They all reached the temple..then bauji asked shaurya and anjali to tie the thread around tree..they went there shaurya tied it while anjali was thinking bout thread she tied when she was wid kavya..she looked depressed again..

    In the temple bauji deeda are standing..deeda says to bauji shez scared cuz she thinks something is wrong..she feels that soham anjali love eachother as she can see it in their eyes..bauji got angry and said watever u are saying is cuz u see kavya in soham and asked her to stop thinking like that cuz shaurya anjali are going to get married.

    Then they went in the temple..and started pooja..While soham got up from the bed and went out in his car..Anjali left the pooja cuz she didnt feel good and started roaming on road.

    Soham went to some mountain place and it was all snow there and was depressed and walking when he touched something and fell..anjali saw this she shouted sohammmmmmmm...then she went into the ice and gave him her hand..wid flashbacks in the background of when anjali saved kavya first time and second time when they reunited..Then she dragged him above and snow is falling and then he laid on her lap...he asked her to leave and says i m going to die u go away from here...i want to confess something which i cant hide from u especially this moment..he said i m not happy that u are going to be someone else's...he told her that he loves her and wants her to be happy..he closed his eyes....anjali cried i dont want to loose u like i lost kavya....i wont let u die.

    Monday Preview:
    Anjali is in bridal dress and soham and shaurya are ready as groom....they both go stand on her sides...she says one is her love and one her farz...whom would she select??

    Download video:

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