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Thread: Watch Nervous Madhuri on Koffee With Karan

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    She has the most dazzling smile which lights up the room instantly. Karan Johar felt the megawatt smile in his show Koffee With Karan which goes on air this Sunday.

    Madhuri Dixit [Images], the most beautiful woman ever and a fantastic actress to boot talks about her comeback film Aaja Nachle and how unsure she was to face the camera on day one!

    In fact, this mother of two, who turned 40 this year admits on the show that when Aditya Chopra approached her for the film she told him, 'You really think people want to watch me?'

    Here's a sneak preview to the show:

    Karan: You are back Madhuri after so many years. How many years has it been?

    Madhuri: Hmmm...six years.

    Karan: And yours is possibly the most talked about comeback. How does it feel?

    Madhuri: It feels great. It feels good to be back and it feels great to, you know, meet everybody I have worked with, friends and family. It's great being back.

    Karan: So, were you at all nervous to face the camera on day one?

    Madhuri: Well, day one, I was a little hassled.

    Karan: After all those years.

    Madhuri: Ya, after all those years. Ah, I don't know why you feel you have lost touch. You know you are going to be on the sets, getting ready, the whole process [is something] you know. And I was wondering, will I be able to do it? But once I was there and I started working... the first day went by, and on the second day I was fine.

    Karan: In these six years, were you in touch with Indian cinema at all?

    Madhuri: It was hard because I was having kids. There was Aryan, and then two years later I had Ryan. I was really busy, so couldn't really catch up with anything

    Karan: What about Ram? Has he been totally supportive of your decision to come down?

    Madhuri: Absolutely. I mean, this decision was taken. Like, we both sat down and made a conscious decision whether I should be doing this or not, and he has always supported me. 'If you don't want to work, you want to sit at home and look after the kids, I am happy with that. But if you feel you want to do something, then I am with you all the way, whatever the decision will be.'

    Karan: So, Aaja Nachle is the film that you are working on, and is slated for release in November. You are working with Kunal Kapoor [Images], Konkona Sensharma, Akshaye Khanna [Images] and a whole lot of youngsters. How was the experience?

    Madhuri: It was lots of fun; it was great. Also, because it is fun working with all these actors, there were times, you know, when I literally didn't have to act; I just had to react to whatever they are doing. They are such good actors.

    Karan: Do you feel the acting style is more natural? Like you have Konkona, who is a very natural actress.

    Madhuri: Yes, Konkona is a very natural actress and so is Kunal. And I think the dialogues are very natural. The situations are not larger than life.

    Karan: More real.

    Madhuri: Yeah, more real.

    Watch out for Madhuri on Koffee With Karan on June 24 at 9 pm on Star One and Star World.
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    yeah the much awaited comeback !!!

    thanks for sharing Sam.

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    SB ROCKS!!!

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    Default Madhuri

    Please Let Me See Video

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    Thanx for Briefing


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