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    Smile Birthday Sms

    Aaj tera bday hai kash ter dande paden ladkiyon ko chate to dande pade par aaj bday hai tera chal aaj na paden landkiyan khud dikhayn tera chusain tere ***** ***** to pakte aur tod den

    Happy b'day 2 u, happy b'day 2 u! u were born in d zoo' u were born in d zoo' with d monkeys 'n donkeys dats luks just like u!

    Donot keep ur mind dal or boring always keep smileing-then the whole world will smile with u. h�ppy birthd�y.

    If some1 asks me what is friendship, then "i would sit next 2 u, pull u all close 2 me, put my arms around u n say proudly, this is friendship......

    On ur b'day, some words of wisdom... while u still have teeth. happy b'day

    A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and wipes wrinkle away hope u share a lots and receive a lots 4 days 2 come happy birthday .......

    May u have al da joy ur heart can hold. all the smiles a day can bring. all the blesings a life can unfold. may u have gods best in everything. happy birth day.

    In soft gleaming night of stars may all ur dreams com true may every star of every night bring lov n joy 2 u happy b'day 2 u...

    !""""""""1""""""2"""""""3! wait 4 it its cuming wait close wait.........(time-23:59 "happy birthdat!!!!"

    It must have been a rainy day when you were born, but it wasn't really rain , the sky was crying because it lost his most beautiful angel...

    Some things r left undone, some words r left unsaid, some feelings are left unexpressed, but some ones as nice as you could never be left unwished, happy birth day dear!

    Here is the weather forecast for today, there shall be showers of blessings all over u & a heavy downpour of god's love all around u. happy birthday !!

    Let the god decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching u with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity 4 u, wish you a super duper happy birthday.

    With lots of love, this message comes 2 say u're wished the joys u so deserve especially 2day..... & may the days that lie ahead be extra-nice 1, 2o, filled with all the happiness thought 2 come 2 u. !! happy birthday !!

    happy birth day' wish u a day brings the best in life for u. may life lead u to great happiness and success. have a lovely birth day.

    Sweetheart! u r so beautiful my love 4u will always b true, here's a wish 4 my darling... may all ur dreams cum true & i wish u a very happy birth day. with lots of luv nd kisses... 4rom a heart that beats...just 4u by me

    Xmas is a day all sorrows ,tribulations and problems of life are been forgetten .xmas is a day full of joy and happiness and celebration of new life and a happy home.may your days be bright and be full of joy, happiness as you celebrate your xmas and the new year to come shall be the beginning of new life, prosperity and promotions in all aspect of yur life and as you passed by the year 2006 let all your burdens,controversies and disturbanceses be things of the past and 2007 the beginning of reinstatement of lost positions and jobs and let your appearance and job rejuvenate to your happiness. patsokari kipemun.

    Fresh air... fresh idea... fresh talent... fresh energy... i wish u to have a... special sunday.. marvellous monday... tasty tuesday... wonderful wednesday... thankful thursday... friendly friday... successful saturday... *have a great week ahead* happy birth day

    H@ppy b!rth d@y my $w33t l bella,may all happiness come 2 u in all ur rest life.

    I would like to thank god for bringing you to life. and i would like to ask god to give you as much years to live as he can

    I'm so blessed 2 have a friend like u this comes with many loving thoughts & warm wishes i send 2o may ur day be filled with laughter on this ur special day & may the finest things in life always come ur way happy birthday!

    On ur special day... may dis day b filled with da warm sunshine of luv, & da bright rainbow colors of laughter. happy birthday!

    We pray that the almighty keep u steadfast on his path & that he extend his grace, compassion and mercy over you. may you remain a source of love joy & inspiration 2 ur parents & family. may he keep u safe humble and courageous on times of adversity & success.

    Its a dedicated ceremony, an aniversary, but not wedding. the easy way to tell is its birthday. have a smile in all the way

    Happy birthday to you my daling little ducky may it be good sweet and filled with happy times

    Happy birthday sweetie may all your dreams come true, and on this day of happiness i send my love to you.

    Da stars wishes u,da brightness of moon wishes u,da sunshine wishes u,da waves wishes u,da flowers wishes u,da morning wishes u,wish wishes u last but not da least a heartless wishes u ""happy birth day""

    "h@ppy d'd@e" may life lead ya 2 great happiness & success n hope dat all ya wishes comes true! enjoy ya dae...

    May the good lord bless you with excellent health and defend your life from the evil one! see many more years happy bithday

    May each and every passing year bring you wisdom, peace and cheer. and may your inner love and grace...

    You celebrate ur birth day am also coming and we enjoy together . happy birth day to you.

    Its christmas season . time for my jaana's birthday . i love the winter , i love christmas & i love u . many happy returns of the day honna .

    Love and death is unpredictable, u never know whe its gonna come and snatch your breath....!

    It must be a rainy day when u were born cuz the sky was crying for losing one of its precious stars

    When god made u he was having a good day! coz ur so special , so kindhearted , that its difficult 2 tell in words ... happy b irthday

    Happy b'day 2 u happy b'day 2 u happy b'day 2 u my dear ........... happy b'day 2 u hope this day become the most memorable day of ur life and ur all wishes comes true. so enjoy today with joy.

    As god add life to your yearsmay he add years to your life happy birthday

    The child was born,parents were blessed and i was lucky to know the child. enjoy yo day child.

    I send to you warm wishes,that your happiness will be as wonderful as the happiness, you have always given me. wish you happy birthday

    For u i am always here to stay,each year to wish raj happiest b day

    Becoz u're so special u makes me go crazy hapi bday 2 u switluv switness switthing i luv u ivin stronger

    H@ppy b!rth d@y my $w33t little cheeky fr!3nd,w!$hing u all the h@pp!n3$$ of l!fe!!

    You've always been so special i've known it from the start, while you were reaching for my hand...

    Hey,u r 1 year older now,1 year smarter now,1 year bigger now,and now u r 1 year closer to all your wishes.happy birthday

    Baby happy birthday to hope u will always have a good health, more career in life..and hope that more birthdays to come..always take care and i love u so much.

    This is my earnest prayer for you. may the love of god b with you all day through with his endless, boundless grace may he richly bless your life with much happiness and success. happy birth day

    Some like sunday some like monday, but i like your birthday.happy birthday my sweetheart.

    I have a simple calculation on how long we will be friends. count the stars in heaven+sand on shore multipled by the heartbeats = forever! good morning

    May god bless you with his choicest blessing my honey bunny.....take care....muah!!!!!

    Look outside its so pleasant moments sun is smiling with you trees dancing for you birds singing for you because last night i asked them all to wish you happy birth day!

    Happy birthday sweetie, i send to you a kiss, along with lots of love and hugs.

    You took our hand... opened our mind...touched our heart... shaped our future. thank you dear teacher nd we wish you a very happy birth day.

    My dollu, my sweetu ,my lovu ,my angel , my jaan ,my jaanu , my jaana, my soni ,my shona,my honna ,my nala, my life happy birthday ,may you see many more .

    Today is a day of celebration. why? because, years ago on the same day, god sent me my flesh and bone conscience. wishing my friendly inner voice a very happy birthday.

    Sending birthday blessings filled with love and peace and joy wishing sweetest things happen right before your eyes

    Happy happy birthday to my dad. may you see more years on your life

    Happy birthday to you. may you have many more. you have been a great friend to me. i have a little wish, may we be friends, till the world ends.

    Hi happy day to you & my brother as you share same dates.keep your head up to see many more years.

    I wish you happy birthday i wish you many more, i wish you peace and happiness....

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    good job.........
    Those Who Know Thy Self Knows The World

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    very nice................

    Aansu jo beh rahey hein inhein behney do
    Yeh keh rahey hein dil ki baat, kehney do
    Buhat bawafa ho tum, yeh ham ko hai maloom
    Tum apni wafa ki baat, apney tak hi rehney do!

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    Nice Thread buddy!

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    Nice thread........!!!!!!!
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