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Thread: Free Radical Damage To Skin

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    Default Free Radical Damage To Skin

    Free radicals are one of the key enemies of the skin. These free radicals are linked to the origins of cancer, illness, an aging. Free radicals initiate the deterioration of the skin structural support and decrease the elasticity of skin. Free radicals are also responsible for the cause of wrinkles.
    Free Radical Damage To The Skin
    Usually oxygen molecules lose one electron of their electrons, when they are involved in chemical reactions. In turn these molecules, which are now called free radicals, will take electrons from nearby molecules. This will set off a chain reaction that is summarily called free radical damage.
    Causes Of Free Radical Damage To The Skin
    Anything that contains oxygen ,carbon monoxide, hydrogen peroxide can cause free radical damage to the skin. Often in the natural world, exhaust fumes, too much sunlight, and other sources that contain oxygen are causes of adverse free radical damage.
    1. Radiation
    2. Inorganic Particles
    3. Gases
    4. Cigarette Smoking
    The adverse effects of the free radicals can controlled with the help of antioxidants.
    Antioxidants prevents the interaction of free radical molecules with other molecules, thus preventing the free radical damage to skin, therefore stunting the chain reaction of the process.
    We find large sources of antioxidants in our human body and in plant world. Antioxidants include ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E; flavonoids; beta-carotene; selenium; glutathione; superoxide dismutase; and zinc.
    The skin cells of a person could break down and lose their ability to function well, if he does not get enough antioxidants from their diet and other sources.

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    nice n informative

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