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Thread: Will Moni Roy make a good Tulsi?

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    Default Will Moni Roy make a good Tulsi?

    Will Moni Roy be able to do it for Ekta kapoor's bread and butter show what Smriti Irani did...

    Here's what Ekta has to say about her fav show which is taking 20 year leap on her B'day today....

    Moni Roy is a Bengali student from Delhi. She knows nothing about television. She went to the auditions for a lark with her friends. And she landed up getting the plum part. Now she's Krishna Tulsi.

    I hope viewers accept her. She's very raw right now. That works to her advantage. Because she doesn't come across as someone who knows it all. More than acting it's your attitude that works with viewers. Moni has the right attitude. The rest is up to script and destiny."

    A new boy is also being launched opposite Moni. "He has just been cast. He's called Pulkit. We've got him from Manish Goswami's show Sixer. Pulkit had a contract with them and it expired. Now he's in Kyunki Saas.

    He was the last person to be cast. We didn't like any of the boys we auditioned. Then we heard Pulikit was a good guy. He was on in no time. We'll have shoot all the portions pertaining to Hardwar with him in Mumbai."

    Ekta has written the first eight episodes of the gen-leap avatar of Kyunki. "Yup, we're all set. More than a birthday gift to fans of Kyunki this new-avatar of the soap is being done on June 7 because 7 is my lucky number.

    It has been hell trying to find the right girl for the new Tulsi's role. "We had a number of auditions all over the country. We distributed pamphlets, did radio interviews…we short-listed eleven girls. None of them seemed to match up. I didn't know whom I wanted. But I did know I'd know her when I see her.

    There was this one girl that wasn't in the short-list whom we wanted to cast in Kasauti Zindagi Kay. We flew her to Mumbai and completely styled her. And then I knew Kasauti couldn't have her. Moni was the new Kyunki's girl."

    But Smriti Irani will continue to be the serial's pivot. "It's her story. That doesn't change. She moves to a new level in the plot. She'll continue to be the catalyst of Kyunki.

    Krishna Tulsi will be a mirror image of Tulsi while Smriti Irani will now become Ba. When the serial started Tulsi's anchor was Ba. And today she's all set to take over the role of Ba."

    Every other member of the cast remains. Plans to bump off 'Ba' Sudha Shivpuri's character have been put on holds due to her popularity. "She'll now be very old on the show. She'll celebrate her 108 th birthday on the soap.

    People love Sudhaji so much. When she was shooting in Hardwar recently crowds of people genuflected before her, including grown-up men. Yes she'll die, but after 35 more episodes."

    Ekta is looking forward to the leap. "For a long time we have been planning it. The first generation of Viranis lasted for only 360 episodes. But the second generation was for about 600 episodes. And now we hope the third generation will last for a 1000 episodes."
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    Smile As Seen In Many Serials

    As Seen In Many Serials Of Ekta Kapoor
    Every Change Is Accepted By The Audience
    So I Think This Will Also Work For The Serial

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    Do U Still Watch Ekta's Serials? I Hv Stopped

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    Post I dont

    I dont see those craps..
    And yeah, People are crazy.. soon they will like that new tulsi too.. :d
    its the strategy

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    Angry hate

    i hate ekta and ekta"s serial

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    i hate ekta and ekta"s serial
    me too.........
    If you think anything will affect "Hindu Terrorism and Rapism", you are fooling yourself, Kill them or get ready for your women to be Raped !!

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