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Thread: Amazing Singer Raj Rattan Sings A Ghazal

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    Default Amazing Singer Raj Rattan Sings A Ghazal

    Hello everyone, I am the son of Raj Rattan, a musician residing in Canada.

    He has been a musician for over 35 years. Primarily, his musical work involves Ghazals and Indian classical music. He has performed all over the world - in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and USA, to name a few countries.

    This music video is one of many music videos he has made for his newly released album, "Dil Ki Baat."

    You can download this music video and all of the songs from 'Dil Ki Baat' as well as his other albums on his website:

    He also has a youtube channel on:

    If you would like to receive Raj Rattan's songs and videos in full length and high quality every month, please feel free to donate through our website. The money received in your donation will go towards the production of more music videos and albums. Mr. Raj Rattan would like nothing better than sharing his vast music collection with you and more importantly, having you part of the community we are putting together on his website.

    Should you wish to book him for concerts or have any other personal queries, contact me at:

    Thank you.
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