Yes, that's right. The title of Michael Jackson's new album has been revealed (along with some more interesting information about the album) by a self-proclaimed MJ "insider". The insider I'm referring to actually has been supplying fans with revealing information since the Invincible album. This is what we now know about Michael Jackson's new album.

The working title for the album is 7EVEN, and it seems as though that title will stick because some serious work has gone into designing the album cover and everything on the album apparently has something to do with the number 7. There are 14 tracks divided into a A and B side (if you will). Although all tracks are still on the same disc. I don't know much else about the album's relation to the number 7. Some fans have suggested 7 singles. Or 7 videos. The album could run for 77 minutes. Who knows?

As for the release date. A HMV in Oxford is apparently already advertising the release date as November 19 2007. According the the MJ insider the debut single will come out in September but the album wont be released until November.

A little bit about the album cover design has also been revealed. Apparently this will appear on the album cover in same shape or form...

The MICHAELJACKSON in the shape of a 7 is a key point of the album cover's design and will apparently be used a lot as a logo for the album and everything else that comes with it.

As for who is working on the album. Teddy Riley, Rodney Jerkins,, Neff-U, Big Chuck, Sean Garret, Akon, John Legend, Ne-Yo and OneRepublic have all been working with Michael Jackson. Out of all the material that has been recording, what actually goes on the album is a different story. Of that long list of names only 2 or 3 of them may have material that makes it on the album.

So there you have it. Michael Jackson's 7EVEN coming out November 2007. Enjoy!


01 Gangsta (No Friend Of Mine) with Fugees
02 Xcape
03 Why (With 3T)
04 What More Can I Give
05 Todo Para Ti (What More Can I Give (Spanish Version)
06 What More Can I Give/Todo Para Ti (Spanglish Version)
07 Let Me Let Go
08 Someone Put Your Hand Out
09 Shout
10 I Need You (With 3T)
11 Ride With Me (with Rodney ?Darkchild? Jenkins)
12 Biggerman
13 Get Out Of My Mind
14 Mamacita (With Santana)