Shaan is a film-festival addict but he never watches the films that he comes for. CNN-IBN's correspondent Varsha Pillai catches up with the versatile singer who has donned many creative caps.

Varsha Pillai: Shaan, you're always there at the film festival but you never watch films...

Shaan: That's the excuse I use to perform in Goa. But I am not a very avid movie-goer or film-watcher. But I've been reading a lot about the films, specially foreign films that are being screened at the festival. There are some really wonderful reviews. They're festival-oriented movies which you don't generally get to see at multiplexes or regular cinema halls.

Varsha Pillai: So is it your commitment to the festival people or is it your general love for Goa or is it because you perform wherever you are given an opportunity, what is it that keeps on getting you back to Goa?

Shaan: You don't need an excuse to come to Goa. So, I'm here.

Varsha Pillai: There's this general popularity thing going on about you - no one has any mean thing to say about Shaan. What do you have to say about that?

Shaan: There's another word for it - boring, I guess. I am probably very boring. But I guess that's just me. I try to cook up something, create something, but no one really bothers with me. Good enough! It's good, it's good. At least, when my kids grow up, they will say, "Dad was a good man."

Varsha Pillai: Your songs were there in two of the biggest films this year - Saawariya and Om Shanti Om. How did you tread that fine line?

Shaan: You know, at the peak of the Pepsi-Coke war, I was doing both their commercials. So, as a singer, you know you're really not given that kind of importance, that kind of leeway - "Oh my God, if he sung there, he can't sing here," - and things like that.

Varsha Pillai: From the two big films, you have to sing one song which you think is an ode to this fact that we're at the seaside in Goa, an ode to Goa, maybe?

Shaan: Ah, yeah, I guess I have to choose the romantic one, then.