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Thread: WWE Wrestlemania 23 predictions

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    Smile WWE Wrestlemania 23 predictions

    Hey people get ready for WWE Columns.
    I ll Be posting some gr8 columns results predictions ratings and most Importantly videos and wallpapers. Get ready for a wwe ride.

    MY First Column is about Wrestlemania 23 predictions.

    Well its on 1st April 2007. It may be very far but i cant wait for it.
    Its going to be biggest wrestlemania in past decade and intensity will be much higher than any other wrestlemania. think about it 78000 fans and millions watching at thier homes.SO here i am Predicting wwe wrestlemania 23 matches and results.
    Match 1 CHris Benoit vs. Ray Mysterio It May be for Us Title or tribute to Eddie Guerrero.
    WHat ever it may be its going to be hell of a match near 15 min mark,i guess. and after gr8 show by both Ray might win.

    [FONT="Arial Black"]MAtch 2 6 man interpromotional money in the bank ladders match.
    KEn Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. HArdcore Holly vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. MAtt Hardy

    This match will be an average in compare wth other money in bank matches. im guessing Kennedy to win ths thing.Carlito will alsobe a strong contendor.
    Match 3 MIkie James vs. Lita Womens championship on line
    This will not be a good match not at all. and Lita will win.
    Match 4 - 4 man tag team match Batista/Randy Orton/Triple H/Ric Flair vs. Edge/Mark Henry/Chris MAsters /Big Show.
    This is one match will dreamer. cant happen but can also.
    Triple H Will come wth evalution for one night and after wm triple H might shift frm DX to evalution.Evalution will win.
    Match 5 -RVD vs. Sabu ECW Championship on line
    this will be a decent hardcore match. 10 min run maybe same as Summer Slam one bet. Show vs. Sabu. Little above average wth RVD winning.
    The Rock vs. HBK
    NAmes say it all. One of best matches in history. Rock turning face frm People and coming back hard and strong . Dream match of 25 min mark wth ROck winning.
    Hell In A Cell Retirement MAtch The Undertaker vs. Kane
    This will be it. Huge hell in a cell eth 20 min mark and Kane winning ending taker's streak and both man gets retired . cnat be bigger than this.
    Match 8 World heavyweight Title On line - JBL vs. King Booker
    Oh man this one is explainable. JBL coming out of retirement and becomes a baby face(baby face means one with whom people are) and he started disgracing King booker wins the Contest of road to Wrestlemania and wins the title at Wrestlemania with little horrible match of 15 min.

    MAtch 9 -HArdcore Match MIke Foley vs. Vince Mcmahon
    WIll be a hell of a match.Blood will shed and pain will be there. Foley will win after a hell of 20 min match.Good Lord.
    WWE Championship On line- John Cena vs. LAshley
    Oh man Lashley wins royal rumble goes to RAW becomes a Beast and wins title at Wrestlemania by beating Cena. Average high intensity match of 20 min mark or something.

    So thts it gr8 card isnt it. Well add some reputation so tht i can start Wallpapers Rumors spoilers results and free Videos to wth and download.Please its a new start. And people loving WWE to mail me at

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    thanx for some more wwe info....


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