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    [B]Preeto madam I wnt to kno whts ur view abut my concern...Actually abut 9yrs back I loved a girl she also gives me +sign....but when I Proposed her (when our relation was going on the track ) she ignore my proposal...may b due to my future was nt stable...after 3yrs she married 2 sm 1 else who was doctor.... and she cut off th contact wit me....But today I'm a wealthiest & renowned bussiness person due to my luck & diligent but Only alone in my family world...still single coz after break up I never approach to any one for any love relation may b due to lack of time and who evr approach 2 me I thought Its jst 4 bloody money...But few days ago I came 2 kno she's been divorced and her condition is not well... and I'cant hold my emotions..
    Should I approach her?? May b she accept due to my wealth and her condition....What shoud i do I'm confused pls suggest.....

    kahiN kisi ki zindagi ke har pahalu maiN haar hoti hai. Ajab riwaj hai teri duniya ka ae asmaN wale, koi haar kar jeet jata hai, kisi ki jeet kar haar hoti ...

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    Hi there!
    Well, all I can say to you is that its never sensible to put your life on 'hold' because of one bad experience. You say that you never looked at any other option because you thought that the girl would come to you for money, yet you want this girl back because she may come to you for your money or because she is not in a good emotional state.
    See, if you are now open to a relationship, then you can look at other girls too. If, on the other hand, you are still in love with this girl only, well, then, go for her. The choice is, and always has been, yours!

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    i think u go for her bro


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