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Thread: Am I in Love? Mind Blowing Ways to Find Out Whether You Are in Love Or Not

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    Default Am I in Love? Mind Blowing Ways to Find Out Whether You Are in Love Or Not

    So are you in love? Humans have a tendency to question their instincts and often a lot of people out there tend to confuse love for just mere attraction. Love is a very deep emotion and you should never confuse it with initial attraction. So how can one find out whether he/she is in love or not? Read on to discover some of the most earth shattering ways to find out whether you truly are in love or not......

    No matter how hard you might try you keep thinking of that person- Does it happen to you a lot? Do you find it hard to stop thinking about the person you feel that you might love? Well if this thing carries on for a long period of time then it's definitely love. You see when our thinking goes out of control and we keep focusing on the same person over and over again then we have definite deeper feelings towards this person.

    You feel like heaven around this person- Does this person's company give you absolute joy no matter which mood you might be in? Does this person make you happy even when you are down and depressed? Does his/her presence along lightens up your eyes? If this is the case then it's definitely love.

    Do you get strong feelings to spend the rest of your life with this person- This is one thing which will always happen when you love someone. Love is such a strong feeling that you feel like being around that person all the time and not only this you get strong feelings of spending the rest of your life with this special person. There would be no doubts in your mind when you consider to do something in the long term.

    An absolute must know for you- This secret is an absolute must know for you no matter what. This is the grand daddy of all which would give you the ultimate power to become a magnet towards which every woman would be attracted. This is only known to a few and you are one of the lucky one's
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