What is a Sports B-r-a ?

Sports bras are designed to provide support to women's breasts and minimize breast movement while exercising or playing sports.

Sports bras were developed to reduce breast motion while exercising or playing sports. Breast motion is difficult to reduce without a sports B-r-a!because the ligaments in the breasts do not contain strong structural support.

If you play sports exercise and do not wear a sports B-r-a!, you will put yourself at risk of of causing irreversible damage to ligaments in the breasts. Damage to the ligaments in the breasts could cause premature sagging that will last a lifetime.

The first sports B-r-a! was developed in 1905 by Lora Blanche Lyon of Detroit. It was made of walebone, stiff canvas and hard buckles.

Finding a Sports B-r-a! that Best Suits You

Finding a sports B-r-a! that provides enough support for your level of activity is essential. Generally, the higher the level of activity, the higher level of support you'll need.

Determine Your Level Of Activity
-Low Impact Medium Impact High Impact
-Walking Spinning Running
-Weight training Skiing Mountain biking
-Road cycling In-line skating Step/high-impact aerobics
-Rock climbing Stair climbing Softball
-Yoga Fast walking Soccer
-Tennis/Racquetball Horseback riding
-Golf Basketball

Sports B-r-a! Features?

When buying a sports B-r-a! , it is important to find one that best fits you. You may want to look into the different features to see which features you want.

Some common features are:

Fabric that wicks away moisture and promotes air flow
Non-binding straps to maximize freedom of movement
Friction Free panels at neck, armholes, and straps
Pocket for heart rate transmitters
Types of Fabrics?

Types of Fabrics?

Sports bras are made in many different kinds of fabrics. Some of the most popular fabrics are:

Lycra® spandex
Offers soft, luxurious feel and great fit, support and shape retention.
Cotton/Lycra® Spandex
Soft, moisture-managing cotton combines with shape-retaining Lycra® to create a very comfortable fabric with just the right amount of stretch and support.
CoolMax® Polyester/Lycra® Spandex
High-performance fabric blend that delivers you all the moisture-wicking benefits of CoolMax® plus the comfort, stretch and shape retention of Lycra®.
Polyester/Cotton/Lycra® Spandex
This 3-fiber blend offers polyester and cotton for softness and moisture management while Lycra® provides optimal fit and support.
Classic blend provides gentle softness and powerful moisture management for all your workouts

When to replace a Sports B-r-a! ?

Unfortunately, sports bras don't last forever. However, a sports B-r-a! that is hand washed will usually last longer than a sports B-r-a! that is machine washed and tumbled dried. Sports bras need to be replaced because the elasticity in the B-r-a! support material starts to weaken.

Women who wear a sports B-r-a! 3-4 times per week usually needs to replace their sports B-r-a! within 6 to 12 months.

Signs that a sports B-r-a! should be replaced:

A noticeably looser fit
Increased breast motion during exercise or while playing sports
Fabric pilling.There are three basic sports B-r-a! constructions


This style supports and keeps breasts motion to a minimum by pulling the breast firmly in. It is best suited for A and B cup women Encapsulated/Natural Shaping The added structure in this style provides a more natural shape than classic compression B-r-a! Typically offers womenwith larger busts more support. Underwire Underwire is typically found in encapsulated or natural shaping B-r-a! Provide an additional level of support for women with fuller busts