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Thread: News Channels are Sick!!!

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    Angry News Channels are Sick!!!

    Here are few examples of the falling standards of Indian news channels:

    An entire family is burnt alive in the meerut fire disaster. A camera is shoved in one weeping woman's face: "aapko is waqt kaisa lag raha hai?"

    Rahul dravid scores a century in bangalore. reporter: Iss waqt hamaare saath rahul dravid ke sasur maujood hain. WTF??!

    Salman khan was served 40 gram chana last morning for breakfast. he was then given 375 g chapaati and 200 gram bhaji. The temperature was 38 C, so he took off his shirt and walked around in blue knickers.

    His cell contains a matka, one seat, and one toilet. his inmate`s name is mahesh, who is accused of two murders. they chatted about how films are made. His kaidi number is 210.

    "sansani", "crime reporter", "red alert", "kaal kapaal mahaakaal"....need i say more?

    Aren't we sick and tired of all this trash being played 24*7 in the name of "NEWS"? where is the damn news anyways??

    Thought i'll take the opinion of you guys of this news and see what you feel. is this what we WANT to watch? Aspiring journos and mass comm guys...will there ever be any respite from this Crap???
    || तालिबान सक्क ||

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    Default Good Job Sam !!

    I atleast never expected such a informative post from your side but you have proved me wrong....but still m happy bout your intellectuality..Nehow yes you are very true my frnd..WTF is this?? These channels are merely running these kinds of bogus programms just to collect the maximum TRP they can get in that F*****G day...I am quite against it

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    Thumbs down I Am Agree With U

    I Am Agree With U
    This Is Really Not Good
    The Work Of Media Is To Explore The News
    Not That To Creat The News
    They Are Now Creating The News
    Which Is Not Good
    This Should Not Going To Be Happened

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    Default I Disagree

    sam,except ekta kapoor's work,evrythng is improving

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    Thumbs up I totally agree

    I totally agree with you guys.
    Even though I am not an Indian, I watch these news channels.
    I think "chequebook journalism" is seeping into the Indian Media and the news channels **** bigtime.

    Good thing there are some guys like you man. Keep it up

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    Yeah Agreee...................
    If you think anything will affect "Hindu Terrorism and Rapism", you are fooling yourself, Kill them or get ready for your women to be Raped !!

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