The same day Madonna and Guy Ritchie announced their plans to divorce, Madonna performed looking as glamorous as ever as she sang and danced on stage in Boston for her Sticky and Sweet tour.
"My concerts are always my escape," Madonna said on Monday to wOw’s Grande Dame of Dish, Liz Smith. "I get onstage and I just forget everything but the music and the audience. The minute the lights go out, I’m back to … well, reality."
Reality is striking the pop sensation again today — with the press offering in-depth coverage about the end of the near eight-year marriage. Reports include suggestions on who will be Madonna’s attorney and also the combined wealth of the assets at stake. Here are the latest updates:
-Guy Ritchie did not sign a prenuptial agreement, a friend reportedly told the New York Daily News on Wednesday.
-The AP reports that the couple is worth nearly $525 million, most of which was earned by Madonna. Ritchie contributed an estimated $35 million to the pot. They own homes and apartments throughout London, New York and Los Angeles — with price tags ranging from $4 million to $26 million, according to the Daily News.
-Madonna reportedly has spoken with divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton, the fearsome woman who’s represented the uber-rich before, including Paul McCartney and Prince Charles.
-MSNBC reports that Madonna is planning to take a trip to Malawi with New York Yankees pitcher Alex Rodriguez. Stories surfaced this summer that the two were allegedly having an affair. The trip’s mission is to raise awareness for Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity, reports MSNBC.