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Thread: Kangana Ranaut And Priyanka Chopra Fall Apart

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    Default Kangana Ranaut And Priyanka Chopra Fall Apart

    Even though Fashion turned out to be successful at the box office, the two main leads of the movie Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut have fallen apart. It was the movie, which brought the two of them together and was also responsible to set them apart. During the making of the movie Priyanka and Kangana had become the best of friends. So much so that Priyanka had shared her makeup and fashion tip with Kangana Ranaut.

    But after the release of Fashion there was an ago clash between the two. None of them could take the reviews in favour of other very kindly. Priyanka could not listen to good reviews in favour of Kangana and vice versa. Both the actresses are now claiming that they were the show stopper at each ramp walk in Fashion.

    Kangana was so upset that she refused to attend any event for the promotion of the film with Priyanka. Madhur was the victim of all this and had to manage all the promotion and after publicity campaigns with Priyanka and the third lead Mugdha Godse.

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    Mughda was not bad either


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