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Thread: Brad Pitt Brings Moustache Back in Style !!

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    Arrow Brad Pitt Brings Moustache Back in Style !!

    Brad Pitt is bringing moustaches back.

    "That's my goal," the actor, 44, told Extra. at the Monday screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in New Orleans. "I don't think 'staches are respected enough."

    The star has been sporting the facial hair while shooting war flick Inglourious Basterds.

    Added Pitt: "It's political. It's a political statement."

    The actor - who is born an old man ages backwards in Button - said he didn't mind seeing an elderly version of himself on screen.

    "It's actually kind of comforting to see that," he said. "No surprises."

    Pitt was joined at the premiere by Angelina Jolie - whom he'd consider marrying should it become important to their six kids, he said on the Today show Monday.

    "I'm very, very proud," Jolie said about her beau's movie.

    When asked if the family had a nice Thanksgiving, Jolie - who usually only makes cereal for Pitt - said: "Yeah, we did. Wonderful. We all did chip in."

    Pitt admits he didn't bake the turkey either.

    "[The cooking] wasn't me, but we ate like kings," he said

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    Thanx for sharing dear.........

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