Jessica Biel wants to play men in films. The Easy Virtue actress believes the only way she can further her career is by playing the male lead in a movie, because the opposite sex have better storylines.

She said, “I think it’s almost historical in Hollywood that there just aren’t so many good parts for women as they are for men.

I think as long as you’re playing the wife or the girlfriend to the lead then you’re always playing second fiddle to the guys.” Jessica also revealed she even approached movie bosses about playing celebrated war photographer Robert Capa.

The 26-year-old beauty added: “I got this script the other day and it was based on the life of Robert Capa. I was like, ‘S**t, why can’t I play Capa?’

So I rang everyone up and I was like, ‘I love the script but I want to play Capa. Please! No? Can’t we even talk about it?’ “ Jessica insists she is “thankful” for the chance to star in films, and is under no illusion as to how she managed to muscle her way in to Hollywood.

She said: “Your face and your body can get your foot in the door, obviously. And I’m thankful for that.”