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  • lockdown effect

    i am a 40yr old married guy. my wife has been stuck at my in-laws place since Feb end. In the meanwhile, i and our full time help got physically close for the past month and half. it happened on the spur of the moment when i chanced to see her changing & approached her. she didn't resist at all and cooperated with me going all the way. for more than a month now, we have been indulging in this. After the 1st time, it was she who came over to me for this relation. Now my wife is expected to return mid next week & I am feeling very nervous. This girl, who is in her early 20s has been with us for more than 3yrs but its only in this lockdown period that things have gone upside down between me & her. she has promised me that she will never let my wife or anybody else know what has transpired in the last month and a half but I remain damn worried and somewhat scared. Sacking her is out of question because she is a efficient worker and i would need to give a very strong reason to my wife as to why we need to discontinue her. Can I trust her to remain silent permanently?

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    This is hard .......


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      हगे हो तो खुद साफ करो

      Better talk to your maid about it, help her to get new work.
      let it rain over me....


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        It realy hard to do it


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          she wanted to have sex with you. she lured you with her body. May be to win favors from you / or may be to have some extra money / or she was just horny ! In the long run... this women is dangerous for your married life. May be she just wanted sex but now she has the leverage.... however, you did not tell if she stays at night (being full time help)... If she does it was bound to happen in the absence of your wife. Then it was just lust on both side. In that case just stop having sex with her. Tell her it was a mistake and you never want to repeat this mistake.

          Help her getting another job.. and try to get rid of her...

          If you are on rent than shift home and get rid of her...

          Pay her money (3 to 6 month salary).. and send her away from your life and tell her that you love your wife that is why you can not have a relationship with her... Having her around will create a lot of complications and destroy your family and your name in society.


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