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Attracted to My Neighbour

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  • Attracted to My Neighbour

    I am 34 yrs married staying alone(family in another city) recently I am getting attracted to my neighbour aunt.Used to know her from my teen age days and once we kissed like when i was 19 and she came drunk from party(nothing else happened as I was shocked and came home). She is 45 now staying alone as hubby works in another place and knows that I like her as we used to talk a lot during old days.Is it ok to have sex with her ?

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    15 years back she was thirty and now she is very old for you. But clearly you still haven't given up on the thought. You need to know you might end up in prison for sexual harassment case if you do something or hit on her. It was long time back when she wanted you.. now a lot of things must have changed.

    If she is staying alone it doesn't mean that she wants to cheat on her husband and put her marriage on risk... She must have children by now.. and she must love her children. I dont think she would want to betray her family for you.


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