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Hubby only interested in pleasing himself

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  • Hubby only interested in pleasing himself

    I am married for about 7 years and have a 6 year old kid. Our sex life has not been that great right from the beginning. My husband has never paid attention to my sexual needs. He is only about pleasing himself. I wanted to wait for a year before conceiving but my husband somehow coaxed me into having a kid soon otherwise people would start questioning. After the birth of our kid our sex life has been almost nil due to my work and taking care of the kid and also because my husband had some health issues. I didn't bother much about it at first as I was not much aware about sex. But recently I have started taking a lot of interest in it. I tried to please my husband in some new ways but he never appreciated it or tried to do the same for me. And nowadays he has lost interest in sex and is addicted to his work. If I try to talk to him about it he scorns me saying I'm a sex maniac. The fact that my MIL has always been living with us has also made things worse. My husband is very orthodox and has a lot of inhibitions when it comes to sex. I don't know what to do. Nowadays I masturbate a lot to satisfy my urge but I still long for the company of a man. I know having an extra marital affair will only make things worse. I cannot leave my husband as my kid is very attached to both of us. I am so depressed and frustrated and cannot concentrate on other things due to it. Sometimes I feel my husband had sex with me only because he needed a kid.

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    Hi! Well, that could be true! See, sometimes couples have mismatching sex drives and that causes a lot of frustration in the marriage. Under the circumstances, trying to work out a system or routine which will reasonably satisfy both people does work- but maybe you would need a counsellor for that since your husband seems completely closed to the whole idea.
    Masturbation or self pleasures is certainly one way out of this....but you need some human touch and the love of a partner as well. It would be good if you both could at least try and create the warmth of companionship which counts for a lot as well.


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      Continue masturbation and engaging in self-satisfaction. Nothing much you can do here.
      Ek din sher banke jeene se behtar hai do din sher banke jiyo...


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        Masturbate as much as you can, that is the only way out.
        You never know what you can become ..


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          An EMA comes with its own sharp ends. Ideally, if you find a willing virile male who totally subscribes to a No-Strings-Attached relationship and satisfies you sexually, it would put to rest your problems. What have you tried to liberate your husband from his "inhibitions". Have you tried to watch porn, indulge in some role play or tried to go away on an exotic vacation. Take him to Khajuraho at least.

          I do find it surprising, that in this age, a person can be so insensitive to his partner's basic needs. Wish I could help more...


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            Cutest Way To Poke


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              Does he pay attention to other women? I hope you are not out of shape. If you are, go to gym and make a nice sexy figure. Soon, he will notice.


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                this is very bad . . . . . .


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                  Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
                  I tried to please my husband in some new ways but he never appreciated it or tried to do the same for me. And nowadays he has lost interest in sex and is addicted to his work.
                  His lack of interest in you might be because ...

                  a) He doesnt find you attractive..
                  b) Health issues..
                  c) lack of interest in sex

                  figure out what is the real problem. Only than a solution can be found. Extra marital will destroy your family. So please yourself other ways only.


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